I’m going to say something very powerful: Where you are at right now is a consequence of a series of events and life choices. If you keep making the same choices, you will keep getting the same results. We’ve heard this simple logic before. But we need to hear it again: If you want to regain your health, renew your energy, maintain a close-to-ideal weight, and feel powerful and passionate in your own skin, you have to start making choices that align with those outcomes.

Making choices to heal your body sounds like an obvious decision, and yet… I sit across from people everyday who come to my office, month after month, making the same choices and expecting different outcomes. Breaking behavior cycles can be difficult, and the critical changes we need to heal our bodies and recover from adrenal fatigue aren’t always easy or appealing to start. They may mean giving up things you love (like having ice cream after dinner and eating fried foods when you’re out), or changing things that seem impossible (like re-assessing your incredibly stressful and pressure-filled job), or finally making time for meaningful exercise and you-time. But these choices may be an essential part of regaining your energy, achieving your health goals, and feeling passionate again.

I tell patients who work with me that the equation for health is simple: remove the things that are hurting your body, give your body the support it needs to recover, and provide ample time for healing.

removing obstacles + support + time = healing

The equation for getting back to health after adrenal fatigue is simple, and it’s a journey with important choices to be made. I’ve found that the working mamas who get the best results in returning to health and regaining their inner passion are the ones who have decided that it’s just not worth it any more to feel so drained and disconnected from their lives. Different breaking points got them to pursue recovery, but they have one thing in common: the reality of living a fatigued life of chronic ailments was too much not to make the choices and create the time to heal.

I’ve found the the heart of the issue for busy mamas in our modern world is that a lifestyle based mostly on convenience or just-getting-by leads to all the common lifestyle diseases that are killing us today. We’re stressed and overtaxed. We want a convenient solution to problems resulting from busy lifestyles and convenience choices. It’s a hard wake-up call when we are waiting for the medical system to “fix us” and yet our symptoms keep changing or getting worse. There’s no pill for a poor diet and a life filled with stress, not even some natural, magical one. (Though I am continually surprised by how many people have held out hope that I might one day whip one of those out and cure their ailments for them!) No one person, no doctor or healer anywhere, can heal your body for you. Only you can heal you.

A true healer’s job is to help you understand what you need to do to heal yourself, and give you the tools and education to do it.

The wonderful news for working moms and clients I’ve worked with is that the body has an inherent drive to heal, given the right circumstances and support, and your body is constantly striving to attain and maintain homeostasis, or balance. The symptoms you may be experiencing right now–the chronic illnesses, weight gain, constant exhaustion, low libido, digestive pain, and others–are overwhelming, but they are symptoms, and they are not out to get you. They are the manifestation of your body talking to you to communicate that something is not right.
Isn’t it a relief to know that you can learn to listen to your body’s symptoms and let them guide you to restored health, and that you are the one with the power to make the changes you need to heal from adrenal fatigue? You just have to start by choosing health, envisioning your healing clearly, getting the right supports in place, and making the time to recover. It’s worth it.