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Our skin can absorb a lot, so great care is vital in choosing the products we use.

Medical school gave me an in-depth education on the health impact of everything we put in and on our bodies. I was shocked to learn about how popular food, products, and the environment are overloaded with questionable chemicals and compounds.

They can significantly impact our health and hormonal balance.

The beauty industry is very poorly regulated, with only a very short list of outdated laws protecting consumers. My education compelled me to gradually overhaul all of my personal beauty and cleaning products, cookware, household items, and foods in an effort to protect my health and my family’s health.

Choosing safer alternatives can feel like an overwhelming task. Most of us are not chemists trained in decoding the cocktail of chemicals on the back of product containers.

So how do we know which companies to trust, especially when the marketing slogan “natural” is vague and rather meaningless? Also, I have personally found many “natural” products to be rather ineffective, leading to more waste.

Finding trustworthy and responsible companies offering safer products
*that actually work well* is tough. Especially for the busy mamas.


Decades of research is showing that serious health issues like cancer, infertility, asthma, and allergies are on the rise. This is due in some part to the onslaught of toxic chemicals in our environment. It’s not possible to eliminate them all in the modern world, but we can drastically reduce our exposure (and risk) with the products we choose.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to reducing the toxic burden.

The average woman uses 12 different beauty products with multiple chemicals in each every day on her face, hair, skin, and nails.

As a doctor focused on prevention, I am very concerned about the cumulative effect of these chemicals over time.

Troublesome research is surfacing, and women need to know about it.


There are over 85,000 chemicals registered for use, with thousands more hitting the market every year.

No major updated federal laws have been passed since 1938 to regulate these chemicals or the personal care industry.   🤯

The US bans or partially restricts only about 30 chemicals, while the European Union’s list includes over 1,400 chemicals.

Like most of us, I always assumed there were laws protecting me and keeping companies accountable, just like in the food and drug industries. In reality, the FDA has no power to screen product ingredients for long-term safety before they hit the market. They also can’t recall products, even when they know an ingredient is harmful to health.

Since most companies prioritize profit over safety, it’s on us to be educated and selective consumers. We want to advocate for and connect you with sister companies supporting women’s health and safety. 


MADEWITH is a like-hearted company tailormade for busy women seeking personalized, clean, and effective products.


MADEWITH is a virtual store carrying top performers in skincare from super clean brands. They’ve done all the research, vetting, and testing on every product they carry. They pair you with a knowledgeable mentor – yes, an actual human – to design a personalized regime that fits your budget. Products are hand-picked for you, and shipped to your door.

MADEWITH is helping to reduce the time, guesswork, and waste in today’s beauty industry.
They’re proving that personalized skin care can be simple AND good for your body. 

We are proud advocates for MADEWITH.

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Conventional dermatology is typically symptom-focused, ignoring root causes and taking a “sledgehammer to a thumbtack” approach that can leave significant collateral damage.

I have treated countless women in my practice with skin issues like acne, eczema, psoriasis, and other rashes who are ready to try a more gentle and holistic approach. Your skin is a reflection of what’s going on inside your body, and symptoms are your body’s language telling you something is off. Addressing diet, gut health, inflammation, hormonal balance, and stress are vital to skin health from the inside out.

I have seen how impactful our habits of health are on how our skin looks. It’s also clear how important our beauty products and routine are to skin health. There is a delicate and important ecosystem living on your skin. Products are ideally at that elusive intersection of gentle, safe, and effective, but most popular products are anything but gentle and safe.


We understand and appreciate the importance of not only knowing which ingredients are effective but how to best use them. We also know, like every other organ, what we put on our skin has a huge impact on the health of all our systems. The brands we’ve partnered with are of similar ethos.

We look forward to sharing this education with the world in a personalized way to men and women of all ethnicities, backgrounds, and education. We can and will do better.

Let a knowledgeable mentor choose a personalized skincare regime to fit your budget.