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A sisterhood that nourishes your vitality.


The Village is a gathering where we press pause, honor our personal needs, and fill our cups with like-hearted sisters. We have a hard-wired need for the nurturing security found amongst fellow mothers. This was traditionally built into the structured community of a village, offering crucial support, safety, acceptance, and purpose for mothers to thrive.

Modern life has gradually shifted towards a village-less society, leaving mothers feeling increasingly disconnected, unsupported, judged, and overwhelmed. The result is a vast collection of deep, unmet needs whose very existence often goes unrecognized. Mothers burn the candle at both ends carrying the burden of the family responsibilities that were once shared by a village. Our frantic lives leave little room for the introspection needed to gain clarity on solutions to these drains on our vitality. In order to gain real traction for improving our well-being, we must pause from the daily grind and honor these needs. 

Too often, these needs only surface as a general sense of overwhelm, anger, anxiety, or sadness. Our culture reflexively medicates these uncomfortable feelings stemming from our unmet needs, rather than getting to the root of the matter. Many mamas who struggle with fatigue or mood imbalances aren’t simply experiencing a chemical imbalance. They lack a village.

Motherhood is the season of their life when we have the least amount of energy to forge our own essential community support. Many mamas are in desperate need of attending to the unmet needs that dampen their vitality. We must shift our tendency to put all of our focus on the needs of others, and claim this space and time for ourselves with a village who gets it. 

The Village is a modern virtual version of the tribe where we cultivate the essential elements needed for unearthing and embodying vitality. Together, we dive deep to tend to our inner world, gaining clarity about our needs and desires. We learn the value of vulnerability and self-compassion in seeing our struggles reflected in others. Experience group coaching and intentional dialogue that is deeply healing.  

Leave your mask and armor at the door – this is a safe space devoid of competition and judgment. In our Village, we welcome the whole, bad-ass, unapologetically awesome YOU.

Join us in breaking the mold for what healing and growth can look like through dialogue that awakens your vitality. 

The Village is
  • a unique experience with group coaching
  • a chance to claim valuable time and attention for yourself
  • a way to fill your cup with like-hearted sisters
  • for building a stronger sense of self and deepening self-compassion
  • for welcoming “ah-ha” moments about your deepest needs
  • where your path back to vitality becomes a little clearer
  • where we shed the facade of perfect mama to allow authentic connection
  • for insights and inspiration on how to cultivate vitality
  • a great way to get to know Dr. Emma 

Experience the sacred kinship you’ve been yearning for.



  1. You can join The Village anytime for a monthly fee of $149. You can cancel anytime if it turns out it’s just not for you.
  2. The calls are hosted by Dr. Emma on a free virtual video app called Zoom that works on any device.
    • The virtual Village gathers twice a month on the FIRST and THIRD Mondays from 1:00 – 2:30 pm PST.
  3. When you sign up, your subscription starts right away.
  4. Topics and focus varies, but encompasses the elements for vital living through connection, insight, and learning how to step into the amazing and unapologetically awesome You. Occasionally we bring in other professionals as guests to offer new perspectives.
  5. We want you to have a village. If joining us is not for you, then we encourage you to build your own Women’s Circle. Check out our FREE guide for step-by-step instructions.


February 4th and 18th

March 4th and 18th

April 1st and 15th

May 6th and 20th

June 3rd and 17th

July & On TBD



Holistic coaching is a powerful process that guides overwhelmed and exhausted moms back to their centered, joyful, passionate selves. Lasting results and ongoing access to the wellspring of energy within requires going beyond physical imbalances and mending our mental, emotional, and spiritual drains. Our experience in supporting mamas with adrenal stress has taught us that their needs are never just physical, despite our limited cultural focus on the physical plane. Vitality is a way of life, reflected in every way we show up. Coaching supports your ability to step fully into vitality.

Dr. Emma employs group coaching during The Village calls. This is a great opportunity to experience what that’s like with a group to get some sense of what it’s like working one-on-one with Dr. Emma. 

It is important to note that there will not be any individual health recommendations made on this call, and participation does not make Dr. Emma your doctor. More details provided at registration. 


There is a monthly fee of $149.


No. We are confident that if you engage fully and openly in The Village, you will get your money’s worth.


  1. Follow us on Facebook or on Instagram (@vitalmamas) for updates.
  2. Sign up for our newsletter. We have a rad FREE guide on how to create and run your own Women’s Circle.
  3. Schedule a free exploratory call to talk to us.
  4. Join The Village. These virtual video calls are a fantastic way to join a sisterhood that values vitality. Get inspired, empowered, learn, and experience the sacred, genuine connection you’ve been yearning for with other mamas. The Village is led by Dr. Emma and is a great way to get to know me.

For the brave, committed mamas curious about their true potential, coaching can be a powerful catalyst for helping you embody vitality.