A vital mama is a force to be reckoned with. 

  • A vital mama prioritizes nurturing her health, body, mind, and soul in order to gracefully juggle the important roles she fills. Her power is sourced from listening to her body, and treating it as her ally.
  • A vital mama’s motivation is the freedom that health and vitality give her to pursue her passions and fulfill her purpose.
  • A vital mama trusts in repair and restoration as natural processes that occur when obstacles to health are removed.
  • A vital mama continuously strives for balance and understanding because she knows that in order to flourish, she must maintain a dynamic and loving relationship with her body and its needs.
  • A vital mama reaches both within and outside of herself for presence and fullness in life. She seeks support from her tribe, because she knows motherhood takes a village.
  • A vital mama’s goal is finding joy, balance, and meaning amidst the chaos that accompanies the modern working mama.
  • A vital mama’s motto is progress, not perfection. Her credo is support, not compete.