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“I have always regarded myself as being a healthy person and with Dr. Emma’s help I have moved onto a higher level of wellbeing.”


“How to begin to review a doctor that has gone above and beyond the call of duty over and over again? I feel like the word comprehensive and holistic do not entirely do justice to what Dr. Emma does. Perhaps there are bigger words out there. I don’t know them, but that’s what I’m feeling. After years of dealing with doctors all over the world who were burnt out, lacking time and energy, or simply lacking the skill and knowledge to treat complex health concerns, I came to Dr. Emma. Previous doctors have dismissed these concerns as “normal” time and again. Her diligence has been a valuable resource in the battle to get my body to function optimally.

Dr. Emma’s innate curiosity and support has helped me cope with major lifestyle changes, some of which can felt really overwhelming at first. She worked endlessly to identify the cause of problems. Her team offers advice and support, as they guide you through developing a better relationship with your body. They create a new normal, that will make you feel as though you should have met them years ago. It’s important to understand that this is not the medical practice you visit to spend 15 minutes with a doctor and pick up a cure-all pill for your symptoms, never to return again. I learned to be open to changing bad habits and creating new ones, and being curious enough to learn. If you come to Dr. Emma with this attitude, the possibilities for positive change are endless.”


“I never realized how important it was to have a provider that listened to my needs, showed genuine interest in my wellbeing, and taught me how to live a satisfying life until I met Dr. Emma.”

Andy T.

success stories

“Thanks again for your fantastic work as a coach over the past 6+ months! You brought a great combination of warmth, curiosity, insight, and flexibility to each of our conversations. I appreciated your brilliant questions. You helped me to see myself through a new lens, take inspired risks, and step into a bigger and better version of myself & my Life. I’m so glad I took the plunge and decided to work with you! I just chatted with my project manager and got his endorsement up to be remote for the next 4-5 weeks. You definitely helped me work towards manifesting this kind of flexibility in my job. Feeling happy and grateful.”
“Dr. Emma is very well educated and easy to get along with. She’s kind and caring and not only treats illnesses, but helps prevent them as well. She can approach your goals to health from multiple angles, which I appreciate. If one way doesn’t seem to work – there are many other choices and she walks with you every step of the way.
If you are searching for a doctor that treats clients on all aspects of the health spectrum – this is the place for you. Dr. Emma will work with you and your goals to help you reach your highest state of health. Thank you Dr. Emma! You have been so helpful and I greatly appreciate the time, care, and effort you have put in towards helping me stay healthy, and be the best version of myself that I can be!”
“Dr. Emma has changed my life for the better. I started with a cleanse that changed my relationship with food and health. I have dropped 18 pounds and feel better than when I was a teenager. I move better, sleep better, think better and have more fun. WOW to think of how things might have never changed if I had not met this amazing life style guide…Seek out her wisdom! You will never regret it!”
“I am so thankful to have found Dr. Emma Andre. I never realized how important it was to have a doctor that listened to my needs, showed genuine interest in my wellbeing, and taught me how to live a satisfying life until I met her…She spends the appropriate amount of time with me during the visit to really get to the root cause of my problems. Her recommendations are simple and effective and she prefers to utilize natural medicine before resorting to drugs or surgery (which I appreciate). I feel like Dr. Emma is the kind of doctor I have always sought after but could not find until now. I just wanted to write this review because I know that she can help so many others as she has helped me.”
“Dr. Emma is a great doctor, she did a fantastic job. Spent time with me which is not the norm in the medical industry. I would highly recommend her.”
“I have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Emma and she is exceptional at listening, asking the right questions, and then drilling down to the root cause. If you have issues that have not been solved it would be worth taking the time for a visit with her.”
“Dr. Emma really knows what she’s doing. She looks at the symptoms and finds the cause. Then treats the CAUSE not the symptoms. My doctor kept giving me meds for my health problems and all it did was mask the pain. It did not cure anything. After working with Dr. Emma she has me on a plan to address the cause and I feel GREAT.”

I have been on a spiritual journey for years, focusing on my relationship with God.  When Dr. Emma offered to provide a coaching service, I was interested but curious as well.  She was offering assistance with personal and or spiritual growth. I was at a place where I had become stagnant with both. My main goal was to develop a deeper relationship with God.  I had been intrigued by the concept of contemplative prayer and how that can deepen a relationship with God. I was concerned that Dr. Emma would have her own personal perspective or thoughts and beliefs about God and they would influence or change my direction. I decided to take advantage of the exploratory call she offered. During the call, I was able to ask my questions and address my concerns. She felt called to assist people on their personal path to God.  To help others achieve their goals. I decided to give it a try and signed up.

I met with Dr. Emma weekly for fifteen weeks. Each week she gave me weekly assignments. These were very helpful in moving forward.  I achieved my ultimate goal, learning how to feel God/ God’s energy within me.  I accomplished this by allowing Emma to help me; push boundaries, tweak how I communicate with others, identify my needs vs my wants, identify blocks and push past them. I learned how to be gentler with me. To change how I see myself.  An example; I am a restless spirit. I have seen this as an obstacle, which kept me from being peaceful. I now see my restlessness as a gift. It motivates me to move around in my nursing profession helping people in many different areas. My restlessness is a gift to my grandchildren; I am always providing them new experiences.  

I have benefited immensely in both my spiritual and personal growth. I would have liked to continue my coaching but due to my circumstances am not able to.  I am continuing to solidify new practices and thought processes that I started while working with Emma.  Yes I strongly recommend working with Dr. Emma.” 


“When I came to Dr. Emma, it was after major sinus surgery (due to a year of recurring asthma attacks/sinus infections/breathing issues). After the surgery, (which was helpful) I intuitively knew I needed to look deeper into the root causes of my illnesses. The food sensitivity testing was incredibly key to help me understand that certain foods aggravated my illnesses and by eliminating them, my body began to heal slowly but surely.  Now, on occasion, I can add those ‘eliminated’ foods in small amounts, and rarely do I have to use an inhaler/western medicine, despite doctors telling me I would always have asthma/sinus infections and be on several medications for the rest of my life. I’m so grateful to work with Dr. Emma – her guidance and wisdom have helped me to listen to my body and care for it so I can literally breathe again. I highly recommend doing food sensitivity testing – it will change your overall health and wellbeing!”