Hi there!

I’m Dr. Emma and I am a busy mama, just like you.

I have been blessed with a fierce ambition that fuels my continued expansion as a doctor, coach, mother, entrepreneur, speaker, and teacher.

This drive to succeed has simultaneously been my achilles heel and my best teacher. In an effort to “have it all,” I sacrificed myself at the altar of success and unwittingly exhausted my body. 

Vital Mamas was borne out of a desire to rebuild a multidimensional vitality. Its purpose is to support other badass boss mamas in reclaiming their health and blossoming into their full potential.


A grueling education, followed by raising 2 kids while running a family medical practice took a heavy toll on my body. Healing required me to slow down, listen to my body, and shift my self-care routine from a luxury to a necessity in the midst of the chaos. I slowly reclaimed my physical health, only to hit another stressful period where I slumped right back into the exhaustion, bloating, brain fog, and low libido.

I needed to expand beyond physical “wellness”
for lasting results.


Coaching was the missing piece in my vitality puzzle.

It offered me the clarity, creativity, freedom, and power to fundamentally change the way I live and channel my energy. A clear and resounding message arose from this work: my greatest gifts could not be expressed through continuing to serve as a traditional doctor. 

So I expanded my professional repertoire to help others find their clarity and freedom through holistic coaching in the Vital Mamas Programs.

Being Vitality

Vital Mamas is the beautiful intersection of my personal and professional journey.

The process of uncovering the elements needed to thrive as a modern mama has taught me more about transformation than I ever could have imagined. It is my mission to bring that to mamas ready to reclaim their vitality and personal power.

We have a limitless capacity for awakening our inner vitality, if we can muster the courage to claim it.