Your life is full and overflowing, and yet you also long for something deeper.


Something is missing. You fill that emptiness with wine, gossip, meaningless meandering on social media, home-improvement projects, and shopping.

Have you ever just sat with that emptiness, allowing it to be there without attempting to fill it? Try it, allow the discomfort. There’s a teaching in that silence that you miss by filling it, and avoiding it is keeping you stuck. Avoiding the lessons that life is offering you is a big, unknown source of anxiety for many people.

Your body is telling you that you are living out of integrity with your true essence. Your body holds a certain wisdom, and it is always communicating it to you, whether or not you are aware. Yeah – your emotions are not merely some physiological mishap that you are victim to. Don’t mishear me, this is in no way a form of blame for those with anxiety. I’m merely pointing out an incredible opportunity for deep healing that many are missing out on. I don’t want you to miss out too.

What would happen if you got curious about your anxiety instead of only fighting it?


You find yourself reacting sometimes, crying or screaming, without knowing fully where it’s coming from. You don’t want to take a pill, but you also need to function. So you resign yourself to a pill, feeling like a failure. You haven’t failed, truly.

For some, a prescription can be the ladder to help you climb out of a hole, providing crucial clarity and stability needed to do the deeper work. Often though, the pill is misconstrued as the solution itself, and the deeper work is left undone. 

Has the problem been fully addressed with a pill?


What I mean is – does the pill address why and how you fell into that hole in the first place? Was is really just genetics? A genetic predisposition definitely plays a part for some. But this last decade in clinical practice has made it painfully clear to me that there’s much more at play here, having to do with our social structure, isolation, and increasingly fear-based consciousness about the world. News sources and search-engines have become echo chambers for fear, instead of the more objective windows they used to be. 

This complex modern world requires more emotional intelligence and agility, self-awareness, and open-hearted mending of our communities if we are to reclaim our sense of peace. It’s on us to do that work. 

We are in the midst of a spiritual crisis. The trust in our inextricable connection with one another as been lost, as well as the trust with our own bodies. We don’t know how to cultivate the courage to connect both within to our true selves and without to one another. Our spirit is aching for the natural peace found in fully belonging to ourselves and our communities. Our bodies instinctively know this, and are trying to communicate it. When will we stop to listen? What was your body really trying to tell you when you were unable to find your anchoring? 

Prescription rates are climbing, but our sense of wellbeing is not improving.


Many have already reached their own critical tipping points. Something has got to change. We need to prioritize the work of rebuilding our connections.

Your intellect won’t solve this one, your primal feeling body needs attention. She’s wild and scary, AND your greatest ally right now. Don’t cage her. Let her out in a safe container with other humans instead of trying to do this all on your own. Humans are not actually designed to heal on our own. There’s nothing admirable about going it all alone; it’s not natural.

Deep down inside, you still wonder if there is something wrong with you.


Perhaps you’ve never named it, but you wonder if you have some irreparable flaw. Are YOU enough, you wonder?

I mean, of fucking course you are. You’re a divine creation inextricably connected to everyone else by a greater power grounded in love. So yeah, you’re more than enough.

Beautiful woman, I cannot convince you of your divinity or the rightness of your current path. Nor can I help you feel it until you stop, for just a little, and allow yourself to feel your body’s demand to recognize your feelings. But I can hold space for you in this process. That is my role here on Earth in this life, and what I am actively creating in the world. Your strength is not measured by your competence in tackling this alone, but by your willingness to open your heart so that it may be healed with others.

You crave connection, support, fierce loyalty, and to let your hair down and be seen and accepted in your rawest and truest self.


Did you know you wanted that? I want that for you.

You want to RELAX. Not just the temporary kind you feel after a massage, but the kind of relaxation felt in depth of your soul. The kind that lets you know everything is alright. You’re not sure about your raw and messy self yet (and that’s okay), but you crave the peace that comes with being in full integrity with your true self. Did you know you wanted that? I want that for you.


The past two years have been a strange oscillation between the most divine moments of my life a shit storm of tragedy. This is reality – it’s messy, changing, and unpredictable. Also, my life is now filled with more passion, desire, purpose, and peace than I ever could have dreamed of. 

I am elbow-deep this creative process, honing my skills, and being called to create a container for others to welcome these things into their life. My mission is to help others navigate the personal development work that opens the door to the connection, freedom, and confidence needed for them to create the experience of life that they really want.

I am an active creator in my own experience. If you want this too, join me.


The community I am creating is meant to connect those drawn to this work. Currently, I am creating containers for that work through my Sisterhood. I believe this work is best done in groups, but if you are more drawn one-on-one attention, this is also available.

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Author: Dr. Emma Andre

Soulful Healer | Physician | Coach